Friday, November 8, 2013

30 Days of Book Love - Day 8

30 Days of Book Love

Day 8 is here!  Today I get to share with you my:

Favorite Cover

This one didn't come to me as easily as some of the others.  Cause, really, what makes a great cover?  Is it ones that are bold and simple, like The Fault in Our Stars?  Or is it clean, not too photoshopped, like Claire's There's No Light in the Darkness?  Or is it black and white, up close and intimate, like Barbie's original cover for Promise Me?  Or is it sassy and fun like MJ's Happenstance?

For me, I think it's all those things.  Even though Barbie, MJ and Claire are my friends, I truly love their book covers (we're all admitted cover whores)!  A cover should tell give you the first visual to the story told in the pages beneath it.  When done right, it should stick with you as a reminder of the book you read.  I've seen great books go unsold because the cover didn't grab the reader off the top.

This series not only is a fabulous YA series, but the covers entice me.  They draw me in and are an added bonus for the story because they accurately and eloquently represent what's written.

Can you think about your favorite cover and what category it falls under?  Did you feel like the cover accurately represent the book?

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  1. Love those covers!! They are a few of my favorites. Right now I am loving the cover of Unravel by Calia Read, it is lovely :)

    1. Oh! I'll need to check that one out. Thanks :)