Sunday, November 17, 2013

30 Days of Book Love - Day 17

30 Days of Book Love

We're on the back end of our 30 days - Day 17 is here.

My Favorite Fictional Side Kick/Side Character

I have two fictional BFF's.

My first choice is Cammie, from The Opportunist, by Tarryn Fisher.  She's ballsy, she owns it and she's not afraid to call Olivia on her shit.  Plus, let's face it, she's lacks filters.  She's my type of girl.

I mean, who else but your crazy BFF would help you break into your ex-boyfriend's house and snoop through his crap!

My second selection for BFF is Raegan from Fangirl.  Have you read it?  You must.  Reagan doesn't give a crap about too much.  She doesn't care much for Cath and her drab life, but they eventually grow on each other.  Reagan likes to party, Cath prefers to stay in their shared dorm room and isolate herself from life.  
They eventually learn to live as roommates and become more than friends. 

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