Wednesday, November 13, 2013

30 Days of Book Love - Day 13

30 Days of Book Love

Day 13!  And 13 happens to be my favorite number.  Today is all about my

Favorite Non-Fiction Book

Feel free to bail on this post now.  I did't pick anything edgy or fun, or even popular - at first I thought I would say The Diary of Anne Frank, but that seemed to... I don't know... Somber.

So, I went back to my favorite genre of non-fiction, which is historical, specifically, WWII and the evolution of the government.  This book is a great starter for anyone who is interested in learning about the history of the US and their place in world espionage and deceit.  It's a fascinating and informative book.

Amazon link:
Legacy of Ashes: History of the CIA

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