Sunday, November 10, 2013

30 Days of Book Love - Day 10

30 Days of Book Love

Ten Days down...

Favorite Biography/Memoir

So, I originally picked another one of my boring historical books.  But, then I read this book... and wow. Words fail me.  My friend, Barbie, said we needed to read this book.  So Claire and I did a buddy read.  We read it in record time.  Clearly, we're both a little past twisted.

I have mixed feelings about this memoir.  Not the subject matter, per se, but the ability of the author to be so eloquent, yet very candid about the subject of what she wrote.  The book left me stunned.  I had several conversations with Claire and Barbie and we were able to work our way through the rationalizations and understandings of what we had read.

I won't lie.  This book was a hard limit for me... however, it is written with decorum and an honesty that has to be respected.  Obviously, the subject matter isn't for everyone, but it is a compelling story and I really enjoyed working my way through it.  Books should make you think; and not always, but occasionally reading a story that pushes your boundaries and your comfort levels is good.

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The Kiss: A Memoir

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