Thursday, October 10, 2013

I Get It

I get it, really.  I do.

The indie marked is flooded with new authors, new books, new ideas to try to spin your typical 'boy meets girl' into something different.  

I get it.  I am a reader.  

So, I tried to do something different.  Which, months ago, was a relatively new idea:  tell it from a different point of view.  Readers want different.  They don't always want to hear from the jaded woman; the woman who was hurt, scorned, cheated on, left behind.  

Readers wanted to hear from the GUY.  The one who hurted, scorned, cheated and left behind.  So, that's what I did.  But in the 8 months that it's taken me to almost finish, people have beat me to it.  

I had to change it up again.  

This time, you will only hear from the males in my book.  

I lie.  

You will hear from Siena, but only a few times,  the prologue, the epilogue and three other chapters.  The remaining chapters will be told in HIS point of view only.

There will be a second book, and it will be the exact opposite; told from HER point of view, with a few chapters from the males.  It will not be a retelling; it will move forward where the first book left off.
If it sounds like something you may be interested in, please like my Facebook page and add The One You Love to your TBR's - I'd truly appreciate it.  

I hope that this will entice readers into something just a bit different and that they will enjoy hearing how a middle age woman works through the darkness in her life.  

Crossing my fingers. 
xo - SS


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