Monday, October 7, 2013

I Am NO Good at This

So, I fancy myself a fairly intelligent woman.  I'm successfully raising two kids and I am trying to finish my last year in college.

I am new to the writing community.  I've always loved to write, just not well enough for anyone to come banging on my door begging for my short stories or random poems to publish.
Until now.  No, no one's banging down my door.  Instead, I'm banging my own door to the world of self-publishing, anxious to put out my first book.
Great, right?
There is just so much more to typing up 80-100 thousand words and stringing them together well enough to tell a story.
There's finding someone to do your cover, someone to edit, someone to format, someone to read the shit you typed up so that they can tell you whether your story sucks or not, and lastly, someone to market and push your baby out to the world for everyone a few people to see.

That's where I am today.
I had to set this blog site up.  It nearly sent me over the edge.  I patiently wadded my way through this bullcrap for more than two (three, but who's counting) hours to come up with a mediocre page.
I admit.  I am not savvy enough to design anything computer related.  "If you have gmail, sign up with blogger (it's easy as hell. if i can do it you can)"  That is a direct quote from a "helpful" friend.  If my friend lived closer, I'd punch her for telling me that.
So, please bear with me while I work my way through this.

In the meantime, be on the lookout for some fun stuff happening next month.  I'll be working with 4 other authors on a great project.  There will be gift cards and signed books too!

Thanks for making it this far.  If you have any suggestions, leave me a comment, I may be able to figure it out, or do me a solid and contact me at my Facebook page.  THAT I can navigate through.

Have a fabulous day!